WholeHost Australia Customer Feedback

Feedback Report: | Kleos

Dunamis Gaming

Really good hosting, decent ping and AMAZING service. A real good all round host, not to mention really good prices and an absolute legend support team. Keep it up!
Submitted by Kleos on 26/02/2017 08:07:54 pm.
Feedback Report: | Nathan Testa

Teko Corporation

WholeHost have personally attended to everything I have requested with utter precision and delivering within a more than reasonable time frame. Their service is amazing. Will be recommending them to our clients.
Submitted by Nathan Testa on 11/03/2017 08:24:30 pm.
Feedback Report: | Macho Man

Galaxy RP

Amazing hosting and mind blowing for the price. With the DDOS protection (Black Lotus) this hosting runs as well as a dedicated server. The support is amazing and helps so much! Very good host and I recommend it for first time server owners.
Submitted by Macho Man on 28/03/2016 12:10:14 am.
Feedback Report: | s8ncaat

Carbon Gaming Australia

One of the best customer support services, better then harvey norman. An over all great, fast service, and i will definetly be back. Thanks for all the help Riley, and the rest of the websites support :) -Thomas
Submitted by s8ncaat on 30/03/2016 04:59:24 pm.
Feedback Report: | LiamC

Avilation Core

WholeHost is one of the best options for new server companies. They have a very helpful support team, that are there 80% of the time you need. The servers are quite reliable and barley ever go down. I am very happy with the speed of the restarts and the set ups with the fastDL. (FastDL is capped at 2GB per server.). Avilation Core loves our server and it runs very smoothly. There is a good feature for people who are new to lua scripting where every time you update your scripts, the server does a lua refresh instead of you having to restart your servers most time. We at Avilation Core, Highly recomend WholeHost.
Submitted by LiamC on 12/12/2016 12:42:48 pm.
Feedback Report: | Huwanna

Immortal Servers

The server I owned functioned extremely well with no flaws and lag, if you experience any lag I can assure you its either clientside or a addon you added qhich is doing it because back when I was running my server with this other host before it went down due to lack of funds the server functioned like a fatkid running to Maccas, nice and quick. Although about once every 4 hours or 5 I would get a small lag spike but I think it was my issue not the hosts.
Submitted by Huwanna on 28/03/2016 08:27:32 pm.
Feedback Report: | Riley P

Prime Servers

First of all, WholeHost has been exceptional being I only joined couple days or weeks ago. Their support has been superb as well as their server connections/speeds. Though I have not had people on my server YET but I can just tell that it will easily handle 32 players fine. The founder of WholeHost (Riley J) has been showing exceptional support with installing files to my server for me or just helping me fix minor issues and the reply time is quite fast too which is what people need sometimes which is great! Overall from switching from my old host to WholeHost has been a good decision. I would highly recommend WholeHost to anyone that is thinking of starting their own server. As I run a DarkRP server WholeHost would handle DarkRP and a lot of addons perfectly. I can see my self staying with WholeHost as long as my server stays up which is good if you ask me. Riley P - Prime Servers
Submitted by Riley P on 04/10/2018 06:09:32 pm.