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WholeHost places a large focus on reliability and great service. Every customer matters to us. We pride ourselves on three main pillars of our business; Lag-Free, Best Value, and Great Support. We believe these three cores are the recipe to a happy, and well-built connection with our customers. Lag free servers are achieved by never overselling servers. Overselling is creating more services on a single node than what it's crucial resources can take. We also have strong dedicated gigabit uplinks on ALL of our servers, providing for a very zippy service! But why just read and believe?
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Capable Staffing

Here at WholeHost, we all have the broad experience required to provide accurate and helpful knowledge to assist any and all complications encountered with our service, attained from being in the exact spot you are! It's because of this we can produce brilliant support and resolve any issues that arise with your game service.

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We never oversell our servers, ensuring the fastest experience!

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We strive ourselves on providing the best value at all times.

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Friendly server operators and support team eager to help all cases!

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“Really good hosting, decent ping and AMAZING service. A real good all round host, not to mention really good prices and an absolute legend support team. Keep it up!"
Dunamis Gaming

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